Web Design Tips for Clothing Stores

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When it comes to running an online clothing store, the design of your Web page is one of the single-most important aspects of your store. Your homepage, which serves as your storefront, says a lot about your business and the style of clothing you’re selling. Unfortunately, there is no magic catchphrase or universal Web design that will work for every store. However, there are some Web design tips that you can use to give your online clothing store an edge.

Convey Your Theme

Your first step needs to be coming up with a theme for your online boutique store. Online clothing stores are a dime a dozen on the Internet. According to Website Tigers, for your store to stand out among the rest, you need a unique theme for your shop. Your theme needs to convey the type of clothing that you sell or the type of customers that you cater to. Trying to appeal to a broad audience may result in your online shop looking disjointed and missing an identity. Instead, try appealing to a specific niche audience. When your theme reaches out to a targeted group, your online clothing store comes across as an authority on that style of clothing.

Make Checkout a Breeze

Web design isn’t just about making your website look great: It’s also about ease of use. Your goal is to make the entire online shopping experience fluid and easy. This includes simplifying the checkout process. It’s important to integrate a shopping cart into your website. Studies also show that shoppers are more likely to buy something from an online store when they don’t have to create an account. Never force your customers to create an online account just to buy something. If they like your store, they will more than likely create an account during their second purchase. Also, accept multiple payment options, including fan favorites such as PayPal.

Create Sensible Categories

Nothing will turn a potential customer away from your shop quicker than a difficult-to-navigate site. Keeping your online clothing store clutter-free is one thing, but you also want to make it easy for your customers to navigate to your store. Your different clothing items should be separated into sensible categories that are easy for your customer to navigate. It’s generally best to place these categories at the top of your website. Try breaking down your clothing into just a few categories. When selecting a certain category, allow consumers to further narrow down their search by sub-category.

Put Special Sales Front and Center

According to E-commerce Platforms, when people visit your online clothing store, you want them to see your sale items, so put them front and center. You want to grab their attention quickly, which is the key to all good Web design. This is why it’s important to place any discounts that you might have on the front page of your website. Make sure that these sales are big enough to see without making them too big that they take away from the rest of the site. Some good ideas that you might want to consider promoting on the front page include

• free shipping offers, (more in this Inc article)
• seasonal deals,
• clearance items,
• buy-one-get-one-free deals, and
• coupons.

Remember that no deal is too big or too small to be placed at the front of your website. Online shoppers are generally pretty thrifty and will jump at the chance to save even a dollar. If you have too many sales to fit on your front page, choose your best ones, and place the others in a sales section on your site. You can also choose to place your discounts and sales on a rotating image banner so that they all get a little face time on the front of your clothing website.

Provide Descriptions and Pictures

One of the fastest ways to drive off a customer is to forget to put descriptions and pictures of the clothing items that you’re trying to sell. Customers want to see and read about the items they’re planning to purchase. It’s best if you can use real pictures of the items instead of stock photos. If possible, have a person model items from your clothing line. This can be just a friend or family member if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself. Adding this personal touch to your Web design speaks volumes about your business as a whole.

Embed a Search Box

While it’s true that you can put all of your clothes into categories, some of your customers will simply want to type in what they’re looking for. This is where a search box comes in handy. In terms of Web design, it’s best to put your search box toward the top of your website, and keep it in the same spot on every page. This makes it easier for your customers to find. Once you create your website, check your search box to make sure it’s working correctly.

List Shipping, Return and Contact Information

Last but not least, you need to have very clear shipping, return and contact information listed on your site. This is extremely important for all websites but even more so for clothing websites. Your customers have to know that they have the ability to send clothing back if it doesn’t fit correctly or is the wrong item. If you have certain return rules, work them into your Web design. For example, if you don’t accept returns on undergarments, you need to make that known. In terms of contact information, it’s best to place this on a Contact Us page. Adding this kind of page to your Web design isn’t difficult and keeps all of your contact details together so that it’s easy to find.

These are just a few examples of some important web design tips that you can use for your clothing store. The key to running any successful business starts with Web design. You want the homepage of your website to be like the storefront of an actual business so that it draws people in when they visit. The average person only spends a few seconds on a site before moving on, so you have to grab their attention within that time using well thought out Web design.

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