The 10 Best Triangle Bikinis in 2017

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We’ve still got a few more weeks of hot weather and that means there’s still time to pick up that triangle bikini that will make you the hottest attraction on the shore. From designers all over the world, there’s something to appeal to every taste, but these 10 selections are piquing everyone’s interest and you’re sure to see why.

1. Triangl Gigi Bikini – Here, the classic triangle top gets revamped with a tonal crochet and a pink pastel coloring. Regular or skimpier bottoms, also featuring the crochet styling, complete the ensemble.
2. Triangl Estella Bikini – If you thought the pink set was an eye catcher, wait until you get a look at these bright yellow triangles that make up the top. The brassiere style top conceals just a little more skin, while still retaining the geometric shape of this trending style. Blue printed bottoms are almost as distracting with images of tropical flowers and birds.
3. Triangl Torri One-Piece – This swimsuit is for those looking for something more modest, but still retaining the stylish triangle theme. Water friendly velvet gives the swimsuit a soft feel. The back is open with a deep, U-shaped cut.
4. Triangl Lana Bikini – Here, we have another mix of solid colors and festive prints. In this case, the top is purple and made of vthe same velvet material as the one-piece outfit. The bottoms accentuate the purple top with a pink background accompanied by white flowers.
5. Triangl Heidi Bikini – This blue bikini is bordered by bright neon colors, which could make an easy transition from the beach to the club. Red, orange, and yellow stripes are displayed prominently.
6. Triangl Marley Bikini – This set reverses the pattern versus solid color theme by putting the pattern on top. Flowers of white, red, pink, and navy blue play against a powder blue background, accompanied by white bottoms.
7. Triangl Coco Bikini – This set has a unique color scheme, which makes it perfect for a bold summer debut. The top is a silver crotchet style, set against the pink floral theme of the triangle bottoms.
8. Triangl Piper Bikini – In this case, both top and bottom are solid colors, relying on the crotchet theme to add texture and support. This bikini is offered in navy blue, white, or, for the truly daring, spicy red.
9. Triangl Missy Bikini – This eye-catching top features an array of wild flowers of nearly every color, while the solid bottoms are shaded in a champagne hue. Supermodel Hailey Baldwin recently modeled this outfit to the delight of her Instagram followers.
10. Triangl Billie Bikini – Similar to the Piper Bikini, this set also features a solid color in both the top and bottom. Where the Piper Bikini is offered in three color choices, this selection is only available in electric neon blue. The cheeky bottoms allow for the best possible tan, while the top provides support and comfort with the crotchet blend.

These are just a few of the offerings available for the triangle style, a form of bikini that has been trending and growing in popularity all summer. The best possible advantage may be in collecting a few sets, so you can mix and match according to your tastes, as you spend these last weeks soaking up the sun and dipping into the water. There are certainly enough floral prints and solid colors to wear forgo having to wear the same outfit twice.

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